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PlayStation 2 Teardown 

PlayStation 2 Teardown 

Tools used in this guide 

• Metal Spudger 

• Phillips #00 Screwdriver 

• Phillips #1 Screwdriver 

Step 1 - 

• Flip the Playstation 2 (PS2) so that the bottom of the 
device is facing up. 

• Using a metal splunger pry the 8 flat screw covers out. 

• Remove the following 8 screws: 

• Four 55.4mm Philips head screws. 

• Four 18mm Phillips head screws. 

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PlayStation 2 Teardown 

Step 2 

• Peel away the sticker that says "Warranty void if this 
seal on the Playstation2 console is removed." It is right 
next to the main power switch. 

Step 3 

• Flip the PS2 back over and remove the top cover, 
prying the half closer to the power switch first and 
rocking the whole thing towards the front. 

Carefully remove the cord that attaches the 
two halves by unclipping the power cord 
assembly from the case in the lid. 


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PlayStation 2 Teardown 












Step 4 

• Remove the four 6.4mm Phillips head screws which 
hold the lid of the disc drive on. 

• Remove the lid. 


Remove the two 6.4mm #00 Phillips head black screws 
holding the disc drive in place. 

• Remove the whole disc drive by carefully tilting the lid 
and sliding out. 

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PlayStation 2 Teardown 

Step 6 

H Remove two 14.6mm Phillips head gold screws to 
remove controller port. 


• Gently lift out the controller port. 

• Remove the ribbon cable. 

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PlayStation 2 Teardown 


H Remove two 14.6mm Phillips head gold screws holding 
the fan. 

Step 9 

• Remove the cover for the Expansion Bay. 

• If you utilize your expansion bay for its intended 
purpose, make sure you remove the component 

• Pull the inards out and away from the bottom cover. 

• Now that all of that bulky plastic is out of the way, we 
can get to the fun stuff - electronics! 

• Let's begin by removing the four 7.6mm Phillips head 
gold screws holding on the power supply board. 

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PlayStation 2 Teardown 

Step 10 

• With the screws out of the way, the metal case that 
houses the expansion bay will lift off with ease 

• There is one cable that is clipped onto the 
power board. It is located next to the main 
power switch. 


• Carefully begin lifting the power board. You can 
now see the clip holding the power board in place. 

• Unsnap the clip, and the board is free from the unit. 

Step 11 

• Underneath where the power supply once was is a 
transparent piece of plastic. This is the heat shield, and 
it can now be removed. 

• It can be a bit stubborn, so it may take a little finessing 
to get it free. 

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PlayStation 2 Teardown 

Step 12 

• Now with the heat shield out of the way, you can see 
there are quite a few screws holding the rest in place. 

• First, remove the seven 5.8mm Phillips head silver 

Next, take out the two 7.4mm Phillips head gold screws. 

Step 13 

• We can now remove the fan and main power switch 

• Remove the small white piece of tape that holds 
the wire connected to the fan. 

Unplug the wire from the logic board. 

• The fan and switch are now free from the rest of 
the PS2. Simply remove it by pulling it out the 

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PlayStation 2 Teardown 

Step 14 

• Unclip flaps, one on one side and two on the 
other, holding the disc drive together. The 
first two pictures display where the three 
flaps are. This is very tricky so take your 


• Carefully begin to lift out the disc drive. Beware, there 
are ribbon cables still attached. 

^%."^ *" 

Step 15 

• There are four ribbon cables attached to the 
disc drive. Be careful not to rip any of them! 


Remove the three blue ribbon cables and one 
little orange cable by gently pulling on the blue 
plastic strips. 

• Carefully remove the orange ribbon cable from 
the laser by gently pulling on the white plastic 

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PlayStation 2 Teardown 

Step 16 

• After the disc drive has been completely removed flip it 

• Gently lift off the metal cooling fins. 

• All that remains in view should be the logic board. 

Step 17 

• This is what your disassembly should look like when 

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